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What is sleep deprivation? Also known effects and symptoms of sleep deprivation

In modern society all of us are getting busy almost all the times. Whether it is our studies or the office works or the household chores, nothing seems to stop. We are all busy doing anything or something that prevents us from closing our eyes for a few moments. And that is where I am talking about one of the most sensitive cases that are visible in today’s generation. This became one of the complicated, especially for the young generation. We call this complication sleep deprivation.

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What is Sleep Deprivation? The Exact Definition

What-is-Sleep-Deprivation-Goodhealthtips4uThe definition of sleep deprivation is used widely within the psychological aspects. The sleep deprivation is when you are getting very little sleep even or sleeping only for some time that is not sufficient within the normal sleeping hour.

Insomnia and sleep deprivation are different terms because in case of insomnia you do not feel sleepy at all no matter how much you want it. In fact, insomnia results from sleep deprivation.

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What happens when you have sleep deprivation?

In one word, your brain starts functioning improperly when you are hit with the sleep deprivation. All your cognitive thinking stops and your perception changes in the biggest way possible.


Though you are doing too much work still you feel that sleepiness drifting towards you.

If the sleep deprivation is not treated properly and that too within time, it causes huge impacts especially on the children the young adults. The children who face sleep deprivation can suffer deeply from other types of psychological disorders.

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Symptoms of Sleep Deprivation:

If your family members are suffering from sleeping disorders then you must not waste any more of your time and show him/her to your family doctor or psychiatrist.

But, someone may ask how should one know the symptoms of the sleep deprivation. There are many symptoms that are noticeable and you can directly identify them being the sleeping disorder.

These are the symptoms that are visible in case of sleep disorders:

1. Continuous Yawning:

Yes, that is correct. Whenever you see someone yawning repeatedly but not going to sleep or feels dizzy but cannot lie or get sleep then the person is definitely suffering from sleep deprivation.

2. Short-Tempered:

It is said that you remain cool and calm and your brain functions properly when you get a good amount of sleep. It is true because the proof is that irregular sleeping habits or lack of sleep turns a person into a moody or they end up becoming short-tempered.

3. Tired:

People with lack of sleep are really tired. It is bound to happen because you are not sleeping properly and your health is not all right. You feel tired and lazy all the time but still, you get little to no sleep.

4. Depression:Depression-Goodhealthtips4u

Another important symptom and perhaps the symptom to notice is a person suffering from depression. Most of the reports on depressions are the result of lack of sleep.

5. Lack of Concentration and Motivation:

Sleep deprivation hitting on you means you are not confident enough about yourself. Also, you cannot concentrate on your work anymore, you do not get that positive vibe coming out of you anymore.

6. Clumsy and not hungry:

Whenever you notice a once neat and clean person doing all the clumsiest work you can imagine, then be confirmed that they are lacking lots of sleep. Sleep deprivation also causes loss of appetites and it can deteriorate your health in a huge way.

Causes of sleep deprivation:

You cannot blame the person suffering from sleep deprivation because whatever the reason that they are suffering now was not done by their free will. These are the common causes of sleep deprivation:

1. Overwork:

I am putting in a definition of economics in here. Public’s demand is unlimited and they will do anything to maximize their satisfaction. Overwork is one of those ways of satisfying someone’s necessity or maximum satisfaction. Doing overwork means you are stressing on your brains and that is not good.

2. Mental Stress:

In here, physical health is not the only factor causing sleep deprivation. If you are suffering from emotional conflicts or depression or any other kinds of pressure then it results in you having lack of sleep. This is because you are concentrating more on the pressures and not taking care of yourself.

Effects of Sleep Deprivation:

As I have mentioned before, sleep deprivation can have lots of huge negative impacts on your life and it not only affects you but will also affect your near and dear ones.

1. Sleep deprivation or lack of sleep increases the chances of respiratory diseases, especially among young adults.

2. Lack of sleep can affect the patients of heart patients in a huge way and it may result in cardiac arrest.

3. Sleep deprivation causes the person to suffer from insomnia.

4. Lack of sleeping also results in obesity and increases your cholesterol level.Obesity-Goodhealthtips4u

5. Sleep deprivation causes type 2 Diabetes.

6. Lack of sleep can have a negative on your blood pressure and that may result in either cardiac arrest or other accidents.

7. Sleep deprivation can cause many psychological disorders as well as can result in the person having a brain hemorrhage.

Useful Treatments of Sleep Deprivation:

Do not go along with the medication process right away. It will have an adverse effect. Even when the doctor will prescribe the medicine you better follow the techniques below to reduce the sleep deprivation:

1. Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT):

This therapy helps people to actually understand themselves as to why they are suffering from the disorder and help them to realize as to how to get healthy once again.

2. Relaxation Technique:

Mind training, meditation, breathing exercise are the best doctors to get rid of sleep deprivation.

3. Stimulation Control:

It is like making a sleeping pattern for the person and making them follow it strictly then they will eventually get back in their normal lives.


The most important thing is that you must always stay positive and happy and not stressed at all. If you keep remaining in a jolly mood always then your mental and physical health will always be in normal. Do not let stress or bad comments to affect your life. Lead your life completely happy and always keep smiling.

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