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What is Hypertension? Types, Causes & Symptoms of Hypertension

Most of you may get confused with the term after hearing about it immediately so let me tell its second name. The second name for Hypertension is High Blood Pressure. Now I am sure that you are familiar with the term.

High blood pressure was once and even now is a really very sensitive and important topic to talk about. This is because whether you have high blood pressure or a low one, it is important that you perform some medical checkup on yourself as increasing hypertension can result in severe physical problems or worse it can also lead to death if we are not careful enough.

There are certain reasons and symptoms through which you can actually find out if you are suffering from hypertension or not. But first, you need to know the exact definition of hypertension.

What is Hypertension?

According to the medical term, hypertension is when the pressure of the blood is forced to exert against the blood vessels. It depends completely on the physical force and too much mental strain that a person can unintentionally inflict on themselves under the heavy situation.

Sometimes over consumption of junk food or too much salt can also result in high blood pressure or say can make one suffer from hypertension.


But how can one examine through measurements when someone suffers from blood pressure?  You can understand that a person is suffering from high blood pressure when the blood pressure is 130 over 80. This measurement of hypertension means that a person needs to have medicine immediately. Otherwise, it may result in a massive stroke or heart attack as well.

If we are not careful enough then an increased amount of hypertension can affect our lifestyle severely.

Types of Hypertension:

Basically, there are two types of hypertension and they can be easily identified through a medical checkup. Still, it is important that we know the types of hypertension, then it will be easier for us to handle the patient properly.

The two types of hypertension include:

1. Primary Hypertension.

2. Secondary Hypertension.

Primary Hypertension:

This the hypertension of the early stage and it will not affect a person’s health that much but it is important that you return the blood pressure in control. They do not need medical attention and it can be cured right of home.

Secondary Hypertension:

Now this one is the delicate stage. This is because this kind of hypertension is caused as a sign or symptom that other major illness may be affecting the body severely. This hypertension can be caused due to renal arteries being blocked in the kidneys, or because you have severe cardiac ailments or because the level hormones are unusual for which the blood pressure is exerted, etc. Moreover, if you suffering from any Endocrinol problems then also the blood pressure may rise.

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Causes of Hypertension

There are lots of causes for hypertension. The most acute reason is when someone suffers from stress for the longest period of time and on the highest level. Hypertension due to stress is at the primary level. When you are suffering from hypertension due to kidney disease then it is on the secondary stage. The reasons for hypertension include:

1. Age:Hypertension-causes-goodhealthtips4u

Age is a huge risk factor and a cause of hypertension. People over the age of 60 suffers the most from hypertension and it is all because they may not have maintained a healthy lifestyle while they were young.

2. Obesity:

Obesity is one of the foremost reason that one suffers from extreme hypertension. And, when a person suffering from obesity is small in heights then you can totally forget about them of not having any risk.

3. Physical Inactivity:

Good diet, regular exercise is done only to keep your health at the check, to prevent you from catching any major diseases and of course to get rid of hypertension. If you are physically inactive or in an easy word, if you are lazy then it will severely affect you in old age.

4. Smoking and Drinking:Smoking_and_drinking-causes-of-hypertension-Goodhealthtips4u

Excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol causes extreme hypertension and also confirms the risk of heart, kidney and renal disease as well.

Symptoms of Hypertension:

It is nowadays very easy to understand or identify the sign of a person suffering from high blood pressure through the steps of checking them through the blood pressure monitor also known as a sphygmomano meter.

The list of measurements below shows us the level of blood pressure. Then it is easier for you to actually take medical steps based on the number.

120 over 80- Normal Blood Pressure

120-129 over 80– That means your blood pressure is slightly elevated and it can be due to stress.

130-139 over 80-89- Primary Stage of Hypertension.

140 over 90- Secondary Stage of Hypertension.Patients with this much amount of blood pressure need immediate medical attention. They also need some medical test to check if they are suffering from any major illness or not.

180 over 120- Hypertensive Crisis. The patient needs immediate doctor consultation as this number means that life is at risk.

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Most of the treatment includes medicines but the supplements can also have an adverse effect on your health. To ensure that the prescribed medicines are taken on time. Plus regular exercises also helps a lot and good dieting and meditations will also help to reduce the risk of hypertension.


Many people ignore the risk of hypertension, but you see if you keep ignoring all the deadly facts regarding this condition then at the end it will affect no one but you and your family. That is why always maintain a healthy routine. Consult your doctor on a regular basis if you suffer from hypertension. Always be safe and stay healthy!

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