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Keep your body fit by walking

Some sorts of Exercise is needed to have sound health & vivid mind. Regular walking & exercise makes human body sound and fresh. Exercise with planned eating & drinking is the reason behind longevity & fit-fresh mind. Besides there is nothing like exercise to overcome otiosity. For this the easiest & safest exercise is walking. It is the most suitable exercise with less labor which is helpful to all ages of human. According to research, regular walking makes health sound & maximizes longevity. Walk for 2.5 hours daily to live long. Your longevity can be rises up to seven years. Walking can help one to make yours heart & vascular’s sound.

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Walking has positive aspects for those who are fat. None should give less emphasis on walking and exercise. Less amount of walking also have positive effect on body. For some people walking is best exercise because walking does not give any pressure on body. Running may cause pain in tie & injury to muscle. It make be risky for old people.

Walking is the effective and easiest exercise in the world. There needs no special wears for walking. According to research, It is enough to walk fast for 30 minutes for six days a week.

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Keep your body fit by walking

Hard exercise like jogging makes heart pumping blood faster. It is useful but as the muscle works hard, so it needs more oxygen. Exercise produces lactic acid. Much amount of lactic acid in body makes muscle hard & pain fool. But walking does not do the same. Walking helps to heart’s pump faster & increase blood circulation. But it does not create pressure on muscle. So, By making less pressure on body it vitalizes vascular system. It vanishes stored fat in body. But besides walking stretching & exercise for belly should be done. For this case warm up should be done as well. Then do the stretching. Finally do some exercise for belly. Walking is only a cardio exercise.

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To get the benefits from walking stretching & exercise for belly should be done. Your body will be fit & beautiful by the means of walking as well as it will maintain the sound health. For the best result you should make a routine for exercise with walking.

Now discuss the benefits of walking for Fitness:


** Increases blood circulation which helps to minimize the risk of Brain & Heart stroke.

** 60% of patient of high blood pressure controls their blood pressure by walking or by taking exercise.

** Heart remains sound & no blocks can be happen on heart.

** Walking for one hour daily helps to reduce fat as result it assists to minimize the risk of heart diseases.

** 64% of those people who walks daily has no risk of stroke’s.

** All types of pain in heart can be overcome by walking. It helps to reduce pump heart for 20,000-30,000 daily. As a result pressure on heart is reduced.

** According to research those who walk daily their longevity is high.

** Diabetes can not be caused. If diabetes is caused it remains under control.

** The ability to digest & hunger increases.

** Helps to get sound sleep.

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