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What is Insomnia? Causes, Symptoms, quotes and How to Cure Insomnia

Sleeping is a must for everyone. Whether one is an adult or children. Without sleep, you are equivalent to an insane person. When I am saying this I am talking about the truth. At least 8 hours of sleeping is compulsory for all human beings.

We all are busy in one way or the other but that is not the point. Even we are so busy just by sitting idle. You heard me right. There are some people who just “spend” their leisure time waking up when they can at least get a good sleep.Insomnia-Goodhealthtips4u

I am not saying that one should always continue to sleep during free times. Just after a busy schedule at least try to get some sleep for an hour or two.

Because sleeping also helps you to relax those activities that go on in your brains.

The main topic for today is a condition which is nothing but a living nightmare for people who suffers from it. The name of that condition is “insomnia”.

Insomnia is a type of sleeping disorder which is worse than sleep apnea. At least in case of sleep apnea through proper medication and over time you will get better. But insomnia is a lot more difficult. Still, nothing is impossible because with proper care and regular follow up you can still get over this sleeping disorder.

Each and every little piece of information regarding insomnia will be provided here. All you need to do is go through them properly so that you can at least get to prevent it.


A Little Bit Definition about Insomnia:

Though not in detail still the term “insomnia” is heard by all, there is no double thought in there. Basically, insomnia means when you are unable to fall asleep. But if you want to know the exact definition from any medical aspect, then insomnia is a sleeping disorder, which means you are unable to relax and fall asleep even when you want to. At the same time, you end up feeling some sickness.

When you are suffering from insomnia you are prone to have a severe headache, feel nauseated, even some terrible mood swings. You tend to lose your temper a lot. Other symptoms will be explained in detail below.

Overall, insomnia decreases your energy level as your brain is unable to function properly the way it would have if you had a good amount of sleep. It always has a negative impact on your everyday life and is enough to deteriorate your physical health as well.

Insomnia is a pain it itself as I have mentioned in the title. This is because not only you feel physically tired but also your behavior with the people around you can get worsened for which it becomes much more difficult for anyone. There are two types of insomnia plus insomnia is also characterized in two forms.

Insomnia takes time to cure so the first thing you should have is patience because in calm mind you can get all the cure to any kind of illness.

Characterization of Insomnia:

As I was saying before, insomnia is characterized by two ways. One is Acute Insomnia and the other one is Chronic Insomnia. Let us know a little bit about them now.

Acute Insomnia:

Also known as a short-term sleeping disorder, these types of insomnia can be diagnosed with people of all ages. It lasts from some days to weeks but not more than that. For example, suppose you have your semester final at the university. For some reason, you were unable to attend most of the classes and does not have access to all the notes. Which means that you will have to study extra than other students given that the time is short. Even after you have completed studying, revising and preparing for the exams, the tension still lurks around. Whether you will pass or not. The basic outcome developing from this tension is the lack of sleep. The sympathetic response system keeps on working making the brain more active. It causes insomnia.

Similarly, a traumatic experience will also result in acute insomnia as the parasympathetic response system takes some to calm you it will last for some days.

Chronic Insomnia:

It is a long term sleeping disorder and it has a continuous or say a regular pattern. It keeps on occurring at least three times per week so in that case many within one month. And the amount of insufficient sleep is huge.

Chronic Insomnia is a “comorbid” meaning it is linked up or is related to other psychological disorder but it takes time to find that out. Extreme stresses, overwork, physical illness and even the change in the environment can cause this chronic insomnia.

Types of Sleeping Difficulty:

Patients suffering from insomnia especially chronic insomnia can face two types of difficulty. As mentioned above, acute insomnia does not have any kind of negative impact as it is a short-term disorder but chronic insomnia can occur suddenly and it takes a lot of toll on the patients. The types of difficulty which patients suffer from chronic insomnia are:


When someone with chronic insomnia faces onset, then you have to understand that the specific person always has difficulty to fall asleep. The most basic symptom, and also can be found in case of acute insomnia as well but the main point is that no matter how much the patient wants he cannot fall asleep.

As mentioned before, though the difficulties are witnessed most of the time during chronic insomnia still this one is mostly found in acute insomnia. You can relate this to the tension for the final exam example. Where tension regarding the exams or certain traumatic events can cause your loss of sleep.


This difficulty is only found in people suffering from chronic insomnia. This difficulty causes people to wake up early for either hallucinations, stress or breathing difficulty. Sounds familiar? You are absolutely correct because chronic insomnia and the improper sleep difficulty also results in sleeping paralysis, depression and sleep apnea as well.

Checking Insomnia without Medical Help:

You always cannot find the nearest and possibly medical help to check if you or your family member got any sleeping disorder or not. If you think you or someone near you is suffering from insomnia then you must check for these following symptoms:

1. Onset:

Of course, as mentioned above you must check for this symptom of sleeping difficulty. A person suffering from sleeping difficulty is sure to suffer from insomnia.

2. Sleep Apnea:

Suddenly waking up for some reason or another and then having breathing difficulty and at the same time having difficulty to fall back asleep is both an irritation and a pain in the head. But if this problem is occurring frequently then one is sure to suffer from insomnia.

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3. Waking up Early:

If you woke up early in the morning then that is alright. But alright when you went to bed early plus never had any kind of interruption with your sleep. It should be sound and peaceful. Then you are okay to wake early feeling happy and refreshed.

However, the same cannot be said about someone who has suffered from work stress, went to bed late, having a lot of sleeping interruptions and waking up early feeling down and worrying about the next moment. This is not a good thing, in fact, waking up early with troubles like above means that you are definitely suffering from insomnia.

4. Tired:

Feeling tired all day long means you never had a proper sleep or worse, you did not sleep at all. This is a general symptom for insomnia.

So, there were some of the basic lookouts and definitions for insomnia. Now it is time for us to know some more advanced data regarding insomnia because this is nothing to joke about and knowing even a tiny bit of information will help us a lot. We can take care of our own ones even clearly.

Now let us know about the types of insomnia.

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Types of Insomnia:

Just the way insomnia is characterized in two portions it is also categorized into two types as well. They include primary insomnia and secondary insomnia.

1. Primary Insomnia:

Primary insomnia is somehow related to acute insomnia because they are not related to any other physical ailments or any major psychological disorder or distress. Primary insomnia lasts for a little time and it simply occurs when our mind is in a sudden state of panic.

2. Secondary Insomnia:

It is directly related to major physical conditions and can also last longer or if left unattended for a lifetime. If someone is suffering from cancer, cardiac problems, respiratory conditions, asthma then it is difficult to fall asleep because you will somehow suffer from pain or other types of problems hence insomnia will automatically take place and the function of the brain will also get adjusted accordingly which is not a good option. Secondary Insomnia is the most painful experience anyone will have to go through because to stay healthy you will have to get some good sleep but there is both risk and the lack of sleep. So it gets a lot more difficult than anticipated.

Now that we have discussed the types of insomnia it is high time we know the overall symptom of insomnia so that we can get a better view.


Combining both the general and medical symptoms regarding insomnia, the calculation is a lot. The difficulty is also a lot. So it is time to sneak a peek at the overall symptoms of insomnia.


1. Tiredness in General:

Overall tiredness as mentioned a lot of times is the main factor and the most basic but not the only symptom of insomnia. Frequent tiredness can cause a lot of trouble in everyday life and it will have to get treated as soon as possible.

2. Daytime Sleepiness:

Part of the onset difficulty of insomnia. You cannot get yourself to fall asleep during nighttime but there is no doubt that you feel too sleepy to wake up and proceed the next morning. This is known as daytime sleeping and this another factor from which insomnia can be diagnosed.

3. Irritability:

Mood swings, irritation over small and silly matters, being hot-tempered are all symptoms of insomnia. As could not get your brain to relax properly through sleeping which you could not get all, you are prone to get irritated. Hence, this is a very sensitive issue like this can and it will affect your both personal and professional life.

4. Lack of Concentration:

If you cannot fall asleep and if that continues as a regular pattern then it is impossible for anyone to concentrate or remember even a small matter let alone something important. This means you are suffering from the sleeping disorder.

5. Worries:Insomnia-Symptomps-Goodhealthtips4u

Even worrying useless and without any reason and too while going to asleep is unintentional. But, that is definitely one of the symptoms of someone suffering from insomnia. Worries without any reason or for trivial matter means you are an insomniac.

6. Errors and Accidents:

Someone making too many silly mistakes or errors and is in a daze is insomniac. A person getting into accidents repeatedly is also an insomniac. Someone who is relaxed and calm does not get into errors and accidents at an extreme rate. This can be very dangerous.

7. Anxiety:

When you see someone suffering from anxiety does not mean that they got some other problems. It can mean most of the time that the person is suffering from insomnia. The biggest symptom of insomnia is that the patient suffers from anxiety.

8. Not well-rested:

Apart from being tired when the person feels sick and severe headache for a longer period of time then they are said to suffer from insomnia.

Sometimes it gets a little bit tricky to understand the symptoms of insomnia but the easy way to find out the symptom is to check whether most, not all the symptoms are appearing at the same time or not.

Insomnia Quotes:

When you see someone say that the most difficult part is to stay alive at night then you can definitely understand that the person suffers from insomnia. Let me write down a quote and then explain it:

“Why can I never go back to bed? Whose is the voice ringing in my head? Where is the sense in these desperate dreams? Why should I wake when I’m half past dead?”
― Emilie Autumn

Here the person is so desperate to fall asleep but she cannot. If it was during the medieval times then all kinds of the superstitious phenomenon and magical definition would have stirred up instead of a logical explanation. But now we know the desperation is the sign of insomnia.

The second question clearly deduces both insomnia and sleep paralysis because you wake up with all types of hallucinations after sleep paralysis resulting you unable to go to sleep hence insomnia. Even when the narrator is dead tired still she is wide awake. The answer is nothing but insomnia.

Here is another quote:

“He would lie in the bed and finally, with daylight, he would go to sleep. After all, he said to himself, it is probably only insomnia. Many must have it.”
― Ernest Hemingway, a Clean Well-Lighted Place

Here it is crystal clear about the definition of insomnia. Lying in the bed all night and going back to sleep during daylight, how many of you agree to the fact that Hemingway is directly referring to daytime sleepiness?

Another quote for some in-depth understanding:

“There are worse things than having behaved foolishly in public.
There are worse things than these miniature betrayals,
committed or endured or suspected; there are worse thingsthen not being able to sleep for thinking about them.It is at 5 a.m. All the worse things come stalking in
and stand icily about the bed looking worse and worse and worse.”
― Fleur Adcock

How insomnia causes depression and how depression results in insomnia. To be very simple, how insomnia is interconnected can be clearly understood through this quote. Adcock is clearly worried about all the incidents that occurred with her. She is worried to the point where she is unable to fall asleep and continuously thinking about the future outcome of the supposed incident. The worries and other possible nightmares keep haunting her and that is nothing but insomnia.

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Insomnia Causes:

So what is the reason behind a person being insomniac? Well, the answer is below:

1. Depression:Depression-Goodhealthtips4u

I have mentioned before that insomnia and depressions are interconnected. Both of the disorder happens at the same time. Depression for overwork or traumatic stress is the bigger reason.

2. Work Stress:

Too much overwork, stressing too much about work also results in insomnia.

3. Emotional Scar:

Simple to simple emotions can cause someone to be insomniac.

4. Environment:

Too much noise, too much pollution are really violating everyone’s peace of mind and state of health as well. So any environmental factor can cause insomnia.

5. Medicines and Other Factors:

Many medicines and supplements can cause some chemical interference in the brain causes insomnia. Alongside that too much-eating habits and over-consumption of alcohol and cigarettes causes a person to suffer from insomnia.

Effects and Treatments of Insomnia:


1. Accidents on the road or anywhere.

2. Decreasing Cognitive (ability of understanding) Perception.

3. Physical Ailments (Hypertension, Heart Problems, Asthma, Arteritis)

4. Quick Aging

5. Obesity

6. Higher Death Risk


First of all, consult with a physician or psychiatrist and follow the medication for some time being or follow.

How to Cure Insomnia?

Make a Routine:

Always make a timetable for going to sleep at a specific time regularly. Then the reticular formation of the brain will signal you to wake at the marked time.


Stay away from electronics as much as possible. At least try. Because using electronic gadgets for a longer period of time imbalances the reticular formation of the brain for which all the fundamental activities goes rogue.


Avoid cigarettes or toxic things like alcohol.

Good Meal:

Having a good and balanced diet is very important for you to stay healthy plus mentally fit.


Exercising and meditating regularly will always prove to be useful.

Insomnia Test:

The basic insomnia tests include is through a series of questions answered so that the symptoms could be related plus to check the physical symptoms and the behavior pattern of the patients for some time. If the supposed symptoms and survey queries and answers match then it is easier for the doctor to diagnose whether the patient is suffering from acute or chronic insomnia.

If someone is suffering from acute insomnia then probably some medications and counseling may help.

But if someone is suffering from chronic insomnia then it might be a little serious and they need serious observations. So it is very important for the doctor at first to collect each and data about the patient. In the case of a psychologist or a psychiatrist, a case study will help a lot.


Insomnia is not an illness. Insomnia is pain from where everyone who suffers from this wants to come out from. Insomnia can be treated but sometimes people around the patients themselves get irritated to the point where they blame the patient, not knowing what they are suffering from.

Insomnia, apnea, sleep paralysis is not someone’s own doing because it results from a stressful situation. Before any kind of diagnosis the most important thing which the patient need is support.

Support from family and if possible friends. In this dire situation if you have your support then you can definitely come out from insomnia.

Another point which I must add is that avoid as much medication as possible. This is because the sleeping medication will always have one or two negative side effects and overconsumption means dire situation.

Always stay healthy and happy guys!

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