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How to go to Sleep? Also Known the Effects of sleeping less

How to go to sleep? This question is the most common question that you hear from almost everyone. This because all the busy schedules and stresses have turned each and every person into a robot. Even robots and other androids get recharged or are kept switched off or are put to sleep to cool down for a longer period of time. But we people? We have forgotten how to put ourselves to have some rest or to sleep for some time.

Sleeping at night now looks like nothing but some ancient rituals which we must follow as the children of the world. A tradition which is mandatory to follow to please the night time. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have done that.How to go to sleep-Goodhealthtips4u

But this is no good news. Not having a good night sleep or at least an 8-hour sleep is definitely not a piece of good news.

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Effects of sleeping less:

Not having a good amount of sleep affects us both physically and mentally. It deteriorates our health to such extents that we get older even before feeling life in a true way. Not only it increases the chances of having heart diseases or other physical ailments but it also increases depressions and anxiety level at a maximum range.

Your productivity, working efficiency, behavioral pattern everything changes or must I say decreases drastically.

We are not to be blamed completely yet. This modern generation is asking more of our strength our capacity for a utopian future. But do we want any utopia or dystopia? We want a balanced future with a balanced life.

But our desire to want to have more of everything in existence has turned into a living android. Almost like a zombie.

You start to have sleep apnea, insomnia and all mental disorders that you may come across.

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Any Solution?

We are lucky to have solutions for any problems. Thank goodness that we are humans and still have a little bit of humanity or must I say brains left to actually think for the betterment of the others.

There are certain tips which you can follow to have faster and sleep at night. You can make a routine for going to sleep on a specific time and if you do it regularly then the result will be quicker. At first, it will be difficult and it will be very uncomfortable for you but trust me when I say this that you will get used to it sooner than you think and the result will be mind-blowing.

So presenting before you some of the useful tips as to how to go to sleep fast and to have a useful result.

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How to go to sleep?how to go to sleep better-Goodhealthtips4u

The first thing to remember is always to have a positive and to be determined. Having a calm and positive mind helps you to feel the internal peace which does half of the job. To be more specific, this is one of the steps that is compulsory for you to follow when you are trying to calm your mind.

So for now, let us look at the tips for going to sleep.

Tip-1: Syncing

As mentioned before this means to have a regular routine and this should part of the lifestyle and you must think of it as part of your life. If you continue the time table or the schedule of sleeping you will feel more active and more refreshed. First of all, make a routine, or to say choose a specific time to go to sleep and to follow that regularly. Even on the weekend choose to sleep twice i.e. the afternoon nap. At first, it will be a little troublesome but you will get used to it over time.

Tip-2: Exercise

Morning exercise and yoga helps to wash all the stress and makes you feel more energized and active during work and you also fall asleep on the chosen time.

One more secret is that try to expose yourself to natural light or to be more clear sunlight, especially in the morning. Not only the morning sunlight provides you with Vitamin-D but also helps to feel you serene. And it helps a lot with your mind and it brings a huge positive change to your lifestyle. Try to give this exposure to sunlight a go. Trust me, you will never be disappointed.

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Tip-3: DietDiet Plan-Goodhealthtips4u

Careful of what you eat because this matters a lot in case your health is deteriorating. Lack of immunity and nutrients is one of the main reasons for which you cannot get a night of proper sleep. Resulting you do feel tired and sleepy but you cannot go to sleep when it is time.

Always have a healthy diet plan. If necessary than consult with a nutritionist to put some good diet on your list. Healthy food will make you feel lighter, more active and helps you to sleep properly.

Tip-4: Sleeping Environment

The fact that the environment surrounding you while you go to sleep also matters. If your surrounding is noisy, not only it violates privacy but it also affects your health as well, both physically and mentally. Ensure the room where you are sleeping should be dark, quiet, cool and of course, there should be cool breeze passing through.

That is why people always try to build their home near a place filled with nature. Even the lullaby does not work when Mother Nature herself sings us a goodnight song.

Tip-5: Be Comfortable

Always try to be comfortable while going to sleep. If you are tensed or if you are not positive then going to sleep at any time will not work at all. So stay calm, think positive about the next day.

Try to think of all the happy thoughts so that you feel happy and positive automatically the next day. Therefore it is a must to always be positive.


There is one last but not the least point. Make a habit to sleep early and to wake up early. I don’t know about wealthy but it will make you healthy and wise (calm) for sure.

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