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7 Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure

An individual falls in the riskiest situation when they suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure. Hypertension has numerous effects. Starting from heart attack to stroke it can also cause the death of a person.

Which is why you should never ignore any kind of useful advice which are effective during hypertension. One of the most important to take care of when you are suffering from high blood pressure is the food.

You will have to avoid certain foods when you suffer from hypertension otherwise it increases the risk of all the negative effects. When you suffer from high blood pressure the doctors always gives the list of food which you should eat properly and the foods which you are supposed to ignore.

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So, before we jump straight into the list of food that we must avoid, it is better to at first have an idea about this condition thoroughly so that we can be more careful.

What is Blood Pressure? Hypertension-Goodhealthtips4u

Blood pressure plays a vital role in the blood circulation of our body. When our heart pumps the blood in our body, it puts pressure on the walls of the artery. This pressure is always adjusted according to all the functions in our body. The blood pressure can be high or can get low. So it all depends not only on our lifestyle but also on our food habits.

But one thing is for sure. Both high blood pressure and low blood pressure is not good for our health. Both of these conditions can result in our death if we do not keep it in control.

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High Blood Pressure:

The most sensitive topic is high blood pressure or must I say hypertension. To be exact, hypertension is when your blood pressure increases than the normal range. Most of the time it happens because of stress if we are overworking. If you want to know the number depicting high blood pressure than it is above 139/89 mmHg. If the blood pressure exceeds than the mentioned range then it means that you are suffering from hypertension.

The biggest risk factor of suffering from high blood pressure is heart disease. For which it is very important that you always keep your health in check. The chance of the disease increase as you get aged over time.

As mentioned before, if you keep ignoring the high blood pressure than not only you will suffer from heart attack and stroke but also it can also result in kidney failure.

Hypertension is a form of high blood pressure in medical terms. Hypertension is a condition when someone suffers from high blood pressure for a very long time.

Foods to avoid during high blood pressure:

7 Foods to Avoid with High Blood Pressure-Goodhealthtips4u

Dieting is a must for high blood pressure patients. The types of food which one must avoid is very huge. It gets a little bit difficult but the fact is one will have to stay strong and healthy. So below you will find the list of foods to avoid with high blood pressure.

You can also consult with your nutritionists regarding the dieting but the foods below that should be avoided are recommended by all the holistic nutritionists and doctors. So let us now go through the list of food avoid during high blood pressure.

Let us get started.

  1. Salt:salt-goodhealthtips4u

First things first. Salt increases your blood pressure at an extreme level. Even when you are not suffering from high blood pressure eating more salt will increase that risk. So try to have less salt in your food. It will keep you on the safe side.

  1. Alcohol:

There is nothing to feel proud of when you say that you drink alcohols, Alcohol-Goodhealthtips4uwhiskey, rums, etc. Still, I can say nothing because people have those even after knowing how much harm it is for health. It is like pretending to be blind when you have good eyes. Still, never drink alcohol. It will not only increase your blood pressure but also the weight.

  1. Canned Beans:

Not only canned beans but all the canned foods have sodium in them for preservation purposes. Over consuming canned food can cause high blood pressure. For which it is better to consume lesser canned food. Another trick is that you can wash the canned beans or other canned foods under running water in a bowl and rinse it thoroughly. It will wash away enough salt to lower the risk of hypertension. I am not saying that canned food should be avoided at all cost. Consume it but at a certain level. Do not have canned food every day and ensure to rinse them thoroughly.

  1. Packaged Soup:

All the premade soups have salts, sodium and other types of chemicals and preservatives which can be bad for your health. For which always try to have homemade soups. They are both healthy and tasty. Even if you are buying the packaged soup try to see if they are low in sodium or low in salt or not. Always use trusted brands.

  1. Cheese:

Cheese always contains salt especially the processed cheese. So try to avoid that meal as much as possible. Because you must have always heard that a meal contains lower salt if there is cheese present in that. This is because cheese fulfills the requirement of the salt in a dish. Adding a little bit of salt adjusts the taste.

  1. Processed Meat:Processed-Meat--Goodhealthtips4u

Always have salt in them. So try to buy the fresh meat, not the processed one.

  1. Frozen Foods:

Frozen foods contain sodium as well as other preservatives which is not Frozen foods-Goodhealthtips4ugood for your health and it definitely increases your blood pressure. Try to avoid frozen foods as much as possible because among all the other foods which are said to be avoided frozen foods is the most dangerous foods in case of high blood pressure.

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You must never ignore high blood pressure for your health should be your very first priority.

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  1. Man, I hadn’t even realized that salt increased your blood pressure so much. But my wife thinks she may have POTS, and a lot of salt might actually be good for her. We’re probably going to see a cardiologist to see if we can get this all sorted out.

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