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Five easy tips for fat conscious people

Now a days fat in body has become one of the most common problems among the people. It not only influences on body but also causes various diseases. There are some ways that can help to weight loss. Let us discuss about some important ways to control fat.

# Sleep in Time #

If you have the habit of working in late night, think second time about it as it can spoil biological disorder. As a result the demand of food in your body increases. The tendency of storing fat in belly can be increased to 5 times. Besides it also spoils the balance of hormone. This is the reason behind your thickness.

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Sleep in Time

# Some Silly Exercise #

Some people think that going to GYM or stressful exercise is responsible to get rid of fat but the concern is wrong. If you can do some silly exercise daily it will be enough to reduce your fat. Perform floor crunches, bar piece, single leg squat and pushups etc for 30 seconds daily for 4-5 times. Besides this, walk regularly.

Some Silly Exercise

# War against Sugar #

80% of reducing fat can be done with the proper selection of food. Properly selected foods can be called which helps to reduce calorie as protein, vegetables, Grains etc. Try to avoid sugar. Use sucrose as an Alternative to sugar. Use honey instead of sugar in tea. It will help you to reduce fat.

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# Stay Accompanied with Vitamin ‘C’ #

I think we know more or less about vitamin c. In sour fruits are rich with vitamin c. This element keeps the balances of hormone in body which controls fat. Vitamin c produces carnitine which is an element that melts fat.

Stay Accompanied with Vitamin ‘C’

# Take the Best Fat #

It is just like to set a thief to catch a thief. Now a day’s discussing about Womega-3 fat is a common affair. Though it is a fat but it has no comparison to eliminate fat. Vegetables, Mushroom, fish etc can give adequate amount of Womega-3 fat.

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# Breathing Slowly #

Without any labor what we can do, is to take breath. Maximum people takes breath slowly or quickly. If the breathing is done properly it will result in a good exercise of belly. If can be maintained regularly, it will have a role in reducing fat.

Respiration Slowly

Those who are bored with the problem of fat, they can abide by these rules. But success may not come over night. But if you follow this rules, it can hoped that you would be capable of achieving your success with no time.


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