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How to Control High Blood Pressure without Medicine

Now days every 7 out of 10 people have the risk of heart attack or stroke due to high blood pressure. Working all day long restlessly, not taking proper exercise and taking extra amount of salt are the reasons behind high blood pressure. The tension is also a reason of high blood pressure. Doctors normally give medicine to take regularly for those who have high blood pressure. The patients have to control their blood pressure by taking a suggested amount of medicine from doctor.

Patients with high blood pressure have no way but to take the medicine. But those people whose blood pressure rises & downs time to do not need to take medicine regularly. Some regularly precautions & habits can control blood pressure. Let’s see some steps of tips to control high blood pressure without taking medicine.

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Take yogurt:

Research from University of Minnesota(America)Suggests to take a cup of yogurt is regularly which assists to reduce high blood pressure to 1/3 and finally it becomes normal. According to the Research, Yogurt reduce & cholesterol in blood. From the report of research taking yogurt 120 gm for 15 years daily have 31% less risk of high blood pressure than others.

Perform Jogging one day in a week:

Jogging for one hour a day in a week can maximize the longevity for 6years. In Copenhagen city heart cardiovascular study, this information is obtained by researching on 20,000 people both men & omens aging between 23 to 33 years.

According to research, Jogging improves circulation of blood in heart and strengthen it. By reducing high blood pressure it helps to reduce the risk of stroke & keeps body emphatic & fit.

Take less Amount of Salt:

Salt increases pressure & density of blood in vascular. As a result blood pressure rises. Not only salt but also processed food increase blood pressure.

According to blood pressure association, 80% of salt comes from salted biscuit, sorrel & ready made packets foods to our body. So reduce taking the amount of salt in foods. Extra amount of salt rice should be avoided.

How to Control High Blood Pressure without Medicine
Control the Weight:

From the research, Reducing little amount of weight also provides positive effect on the blood pressure. Increasing of weight obstructs regular program of heart and rises blood pressure. So always try to control weight.

Give up smoking:

Smoking provides adrenal due to the presence of nicotine. As a result heart beats fast and increase blood pressure.

Eat Banana:

From a recent research of British medical journal, Foods enriched with potassium like Banana reduces trends of taking salt. Every year thousands of life can be saved by eating bananas. Banana completes the lack of potassium in body & levels the fluid in body. Thus Blood pressure controlled.

Work Less:

According to research of University of California working more than 40 hours in office in a week increases the possibility of Hypertension to 10%. Overtime work also increases the risk more. Those who work 51 hours in a week have possibility of high blood pressure increased to 29% to others. Excessive works in office provides setting long day & cannot get enough time for exercise. Besides office work pressurize mind. So without giving extra time to office, try to keep some hours to take rest.

Avoid taking excessive coffee:

According to Duke University of medical center at North Carolina, America 500mg of tea and coffee increases blood pressure to 3 point. It impacts until sleeping.

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