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Best Weight Loss Diet Plan for You

Being obese is not a good sign. Definitely not. Having too much weight means we are inviting a bunch of diseases which may affect us on a very high amount. Starting from high blood pressure to heart disease. To be more accurate you are at risk of suffering almost all the major ailments if you do not keep your health in check. Your health is not in check equals too much weight.

There are many causes of gaining too much weight and many effects of being too much obese. Let us now see some causes of gaining too much weight and some of its effects. From there we can find many solutions and can start our very first weight loss diet as well as a weight loss diet plan.

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Causes of Obesity:

Now there are many causes of gaining too much weight. Most of the time obesity is unintentional, you cannot stop it and sometimes there are people who gain weight on their own stubbornness and suffers later. Let us look at some of the cause for weight gains:

1. Junk Food :Junk-Food-Goodhealthtips4u

When you see somebody a little too healthy i.e. fat or obese then the first reason everyone can guess is junk food, which is the truth. Junk foods become the reason that you may get hospitalized at some point of your time. Not only the germs or bacteria make you sick but also the burnt cooking oil used repeatedly can cause obesity as it increases your cholesterol level at an excessive level.

2. Genetics:

Sometimes obesity can also be inherited. For example, if one or both of the parents are obese then there is a chance that the children may grow up with some weight gain as well. Sometimes mothers are given some special advice for following some diet. Only for the child to remain healthy.

3. Eating Disorder/Addiction:

Sometimes you will come across people who are too much addicted to eating anything and everything edible. They binge on any food they come across especially junk foods. This is because they have eaten an extreme amount of junk foods like fatty and sweetened junk food that the chemicals stimulates the brain in that way. Similar to alcohol addiction.

4. Unethical Marketing:

Though unfortunate still it is the truth. Some aggressive food manufacturers are so busy and so obsessed with positive marketing that they start violating all the ethical rules of food marketing. Ensuring the food is tasty but because they have all those chemicals in them which will be life-threatening for you let alone obese being the result.

5. Insulin:

When weight gain is one of the foremost reason behind diabetes, it is a lot complicated than that. Insulin can be a misfortune for those diabetes patients who are overweight and others as well. The main reason is insulin controls the energy stored inside the body and helps to store more fats in the body. For which it is better than the amount of insulin is lowered always.

6. Medication:Pills-Goodhealthtips4u

Sometimes over dosage of medicines can to a person being overweight. For example, if someone suffers from a specific disease and is dependent on many medications for a very long time then it is possible that the person may become overweight.

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Effects of Being Overweight/Obese:


There are many effects of being overweight. Some of the effects are so harmful that you may suffer for a lifetime. They can also cause death for which it is necessary that you know all the harmful effects of being obese. Not only it makes you tired and decreases your stamina but also it causes the following:

1. High Blood Pressure:

If you are overweight that means you have additional fat in your body. Extra fat tissue needs more nutrients and more oxygen for which one has the urge to eat more. This increases the blood circulation in the heart. If more circulation inside the heart then it forces more pressure over the artery walls. This causes hypertension or high blood pressure.

2. Diabetes:

One thing which you must know is that sugar can also increase your weight. Additional glucose and fructose in the body not only increase your fat but also levels up the risk of you suffering from diabetes. Sometimes obesity can also resist the work of the insulin as mentioned before. As you know before insulin helps to regulate the blood sugar in your body. But when insulin can risk obesity the amount is lessened. It also elevates the blood sugar in the body. So only it becomes life-threatening.

3. Heart Diseases:

Heart disease is one of the main diseases that at least 3 out of 5 patients may suffer from. Obesity equals high cholesterol inside the body which results in cardiac diseases. Eating too much junk food builds up fatty deposits around the walls of the artery. It reduces the blood flow in the heart which leads to minor chest pains to heart attacks. Many blood clots also form in artery walls for which a person can suffer from a stroke.

4. Osteoarthritis:

Many of you may not be familiar with the terms but if you want to put it simply then it is a joint problem. Obesity affects the joints and hip parts the most because that is where the pressure is given mostly. In this way, joint surgery can also become a risk.

5. Sleep Apnea:

Being overweight results in sleep apnea. It means you wake up in the middle of the night because you cannot breathe properly. You feel suffocated. It disturbs your sleeping patterns and makes you tired and slows all day. You suffer from mental problems as well.

6. Respiratory Problems:

If you are overweight then it causes problems on your breathing systems. As fatty substances build up in most of the internal organs from where oxygen is regulated and transported, a weight is formed in the wall of the lungs squeezing it and restricting the inhalation and exhalation of air. So it results in sleep apnea and high blood pressure.

7. Cancer:

Too much cholesterol also results in a person is suffering from cancer.

8. Psychological Disorders:

Clinical psychology has proved that obesity results in many psychological problems or in proper term disorder. The number one effect can be anxiety and depressions. Too much stress in your work, school or peer pressure can also cause you to eat more to forget the problems happening. Too much eating means obesity and depression does get worse in the process. Sometimes you will find a child in proper shape turns to eat and becomes obese. Eventually, he falls into depression. This is all because of public opinions and peer pressure.

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Quick Weight-Loss Diet Plan:


Every problem has solutions. What made you think that there is no solution to being overweight? There is and I would not suggest the supplement ones because the supplements contain some chemical which may not be suitable for your body. At first, try to always go for the natural remedies it will not only help with your obesity but it will also help with your mental stress.

At first, it will be better if you make some quick weight-loss diet plan because maintaining the routine on a regular basis will make the weight loss process quicker. Thousands of tips are available for weight loss and I tell you that all are very effective but the main factor here is maintaining the timetable regularly.

So, below you will find some weight loss diet plan that will be effective much quicker.

1. Reducing Appetite:

The first thing and the most important one which I must suggest is that you try to resist over consumption of food. Especially junk food. Try to avoid eating junk food as much as possible even try to lessen the amount of food that you eat so that the appetite is reduced. Reducing appetite means that you are resisting or trying to get out of your eating disorder. Once you get out of the eating disorder than you will automatically be on the road to losing weight.

2. Follow the rules strictly:

Secondly, as I have mentioned above it is of utmost importance that you maintain your diet plan strictly. Maintaining your diet plan will make the process quicker. Notice that there are different rules for different diet plans to choose the one which you deem perfect.

3. Metabolic Health:

Your metabolic health is what keeps your immunity on track. Hence, taking care of or improving your metabolic system has to be your number one priority. While you are following the diet plan ensure that you also keep your metabolism in check. Improving your metabolism will also increase your immunity level. Therefore, keeping track of your metabolic health should be of importance as well. Because it will not be of any use if your immunity system doesn’t work. All the dieting I am afraid will deteriorate your health more.

Hence, always make a routine for your weight loss plan.

Weight Loss Tips:

Now it is time that you get to know some of the best weight loss tips. As I have mentioned before that there different types of weight loss plan, but in the tips, you will find some of the useful things in common.

 Weight Loss Tips-GoodHealthtips4u

The tips below all give out extraordinary results and one more thing is that plus you cannot imagine how quick the progress becomes.

So presenting before you some of the weight loss tips which I am sure you will be happy to follow. I know that it is not easy to actually follow this kind of tips but taking it naturally means that you are going to be just fine. So let us now see the tips shall we?

1. No Sugar or Starch:

Sugar, starch, and carbohydrates these are some of the main reason for which you start gaining weight and you also start to feel heavy. In many countries, the staple food is rice and as you know rice contains carbohydrates. So for that, the best solution would lessen the number of carbohydrates.

Plus cutting down sugar means you are having fewer calories. Why do you think the doctors advise you to ignore sugar as much as possible? This is because it will have a negative impact on your health if you are both diabetic and obese at the same time.

Cutting sugar means that you also have a lower insulin level on your body which means all the excess sodium and water from the kidney will be removed hence no extra weight on the body.

Like this, you will lose weight quickly with some lower insulin level and you will not be hungry at all.

2. Meat and Veggies:

Including a proper amount of proteins, vitamins and minerals on your diet are better for you to lose weight. Protein boosts your metabolism and keeps your immunity on the check. Among the food which have protein sources are eggs, fishes and meats. But the most interesting fact is that if you keep food of high protein in your diet and can reduce about half carbohydrates then you will lose weight up to 60%. So among meat always include beef and chicken, among fish, including salmon and shrimp. Always ensure to put whole boiled eggs to your diets. Now among the veggies, some of them help you a lot quicker hence try to have broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, etc.

Another thing you must remember is you cannot omit fats at all. Try to keep some good fat sources in the list. Like this, the good fat and the food nutrients will give you a balanced diet. Olive and butter are the best choices for good fat sources.

3. Exercise:Weight-Loss-diet-exercise-Goodhealthtips4u

Doing exercise regularly will always burn out the calories and will also lose your weight quickly. Exercising and going to the gym, weightlifting all of these will definitely help you with your obesity problems. Try to take up exercise because this what will help you the most.

Quick Tips:

Sometimes many of us are eager to get slim so much that we want to follow some quick tips regarding weight loss. These are some of the quick tips for you to lose your weight.

1. Consuming foods with high proteins. Especially during breakfast.

2. Avoid junk foods, sugary substances.

3. Eat as much water as possible.

4. Always have vegetables.

5. Have fiber.

6. Drink Green Tea.

7. Eat unprocessed food.

8. Exercise regularly.

9. Consume your food slowly.

10. Sleep regularly.

Benefits of following your balanced diet:

Among the many advantages, these are some of the benefits which you will get by following your balanced diet.

1. Moderate glucose level.

2. No triglyceride.

3. Bad cholesterol goes away.

4. Good cholesterol remains.

5. Average blood pressure.

Plus you do not have to feel too much hungry as well plus the eating disorder vanishes as well.

Best Weight Loss Diet:

Now it is time for you to look at some of the best weight loss diets which will help you a lot. The lists of foods below help not only with your obesity and also helps to cure your other physical ailments as well. It is time that we see the best weight loss diet or food which are good for health.

Weight Loss diet plan-Goodhealthtips4u

1. Mixed Nuts:

Nuts are like a combo filled with all the nutrients. Good for weight loss and heart disease, filled with all the good nutrients and good fiber source mixed nuts especially cashews, almonds and peanuts are the best recommended. Nuts also help to prevent many diseases like depressions and cancers. You can carry them with you any time you want as the nuts do not need to be kept in the refrigerator. Putting mixed nuts on your list of foods on weight loss is definitely a success.

2. Yogurt:

Greek yogurt contains nutrients to keep both your weight and immunity in check. The yogurt is high in proteins, potassium, and calcium.

3. Mixed Berries:

Full of anti-oxidants and is extremely beneficial for your health.

4. Red Bell Pepper:

If you are searching for the highest anti-oxidants in anything then you are looking for red bell pepper simply. It is filled with carotene, quercetin. Filled with vitamin C they are filled with good cholesterol.

5. Apple Slices Dressed with Peanut Butter:

They are very good as a combo. Yes, you are right. Sometimes eating food as a combo helps you with weight loss a lot.

For example, apples are filled with all the nutrients that you can name and the peanut butter is good for the heart and contains the good cholesterol. Which is why having this combo as breakfast will help you lose weight to a high extent.

6. Celery Sticks and Cream Cheese:
 A light yet filling snack this combo filled with antioxidants not only helps with providing us antioxidants, perfect weight but also prevents major diseases like cancer.

7. Boiled Eggs:Boiled-Eggs-Goodhealthtips4u

That is right, boiled whole eggs are perfect for losing weight especially the egg yolks. Not only they will fill in your tummy but will also provide you with good fats and proteins.

8. Greens:

Something which you must never exclude from your weight loss plan. Lettuce, spinach, kale these have low calories and high fiber. The leafy greens are high in fiber which means that you will always feel a full tummy. Plus the vitamins they provide is an all in one combo.

Not only as a breakfast meal but you can also have them as an evening snack. Because having them like salad dressed with citrusy dressing will do the magic.

9. Citrus Dressing:

Pouring this dressing in any salad especially in the leafy greens will do the magic in both health wise and taste wise also. Now, most of you will ask me what is this dressing actually. This dressing contains olive oil, lemon juice, and orange squash. They are really tasty I must say and works like a health bomb.

All of them contains Vitamin C which is good for your skin plus the antioxidants will make you feel light and refreshed.

You can also have them with fruit salad hence you should definitely give them a try.

10. Salmon:

 Ever tried salmon fried only with salt and pepper? Perfect for your weight loss plan. Good fats, high proteins is all we need for a quick weight loss. One more fact is that seafood is rich in iodine hence you are getting all in one combo nutrient.

Iodine is necessary because it helps to improve your thyroid functions, improves metabolism. Plus the omega-3 fatty acids in Salmon reduces inflammation. You can also go for shrimp that is a good idea. Both the seafood helps but salmon gets the upper hand.Belly-Fat-loss-Goodhealthtips4u

11. Potatoes:

Though potatoes are high in starch, somehow having them following proper routine will help you with the weight loss. White boiled potatoes are excellent in case of health. They also have fiber in them so it will balance out the starch inside. Moreover, they are also filled with almost all the nutrients sufficient for weight loss. All you need to do is eat them by maintaining a proper routine.

12. Alfa-Alfa Sprouts:

Also known as “Father of all Foods” because not almost but they are filled with all the nutrients that you can find on earth. They are highly recommended for people wishing to shed some weights.

13. Avocado:

A fruit that is unique in itself. Avocado is the perfect food for weight loss only because they are filled with healthy fats. There is one thing common between avocado and olive oil. Both contain oleic acid. Plus avocados are filled with fiber as well.

14. Soup:

Homemade soups are the best for shedding some calories. For example, tomato soup, avocado soup, and mixed vegetable soups are perfect for weight loss.


One thing you must always remember and that is to never forget to follow the diet plan strictly. If you become irregular in following the diet plan then it will not work. Lead a healthy life!

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